My name is Mecca Zara Danishwar, I am 18 years old and love capturing once in a life time moment on camera. Currently a freshmen at Cal State San Marcos, I am studying Art Media and Design with an emphasis in Visual Arts and a Minor in Film Production. My passions include creating short films, amazing graphics, and taking photographs of any and everything that makes me feel a feeling. My mission in life is to become the first female Afghan-American filmmaker, and to prove to anyone who said women cannot make it as anything besides an actress in the movie industry wrong . My reason for enrolling into AMD 317 is to experience an advanced level course in my major and to enhance my editing capabilities in both film and more specifically photography.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

-Ansel Adams


My pushing for light image, is of my little cousin Dax. I  took his image this weekend while visiting my family in LA. We went to a local park and I  had him stand behind the snack shack right before the sun began to set and allowed a sliver of light to hit his face and create a natural two toned look.

Sketch 4

Texture: this image is a tree that I saw at the park where my brother’s practice took place, it’s cracked and almost burned texture caught my eye. The tree has so many flaws and the texture seemed so natural which made it perfect for shooting a textured photo.
Lines: when I though of lines I thought of window blinds, specifically the ones in my room, the image itself was taken upside-down to create more line definition, and to me both the string that holds the blinds and the windows in the back lined up perfectly creating this overlapping line effect.
Pattern: I struggled a bit with pattern, but my version of pattern are clouds. The image was taken in my backyard from an upward angle and I chose clouds because they are all distant and have some pattern type qualities and they have more depth since clouds move and are never in the same place.

light: This image is actual for an upcoming film entry I have and is the movie poster for that project, the image was taken at my local recreation center near the back entrance, and I used up lights to create this dark and fun effect.

Sketch 3

This picture was taken this weekend while I was at home at a dinner party for my family, the person is my great uncle who was sharing his stories of travel and adventures throughout his life time.

This image here is of my dear friend Destiny, she as well as a few of our other friends are painting the parking spaces at our local public park in our home town in Murrieta, California.

This image is my favorite of the 5, the photograph is of my brother Emmett in his baseball uniform while he was working on his swings and pitches before his league game.

My final image is of my co-worker Nicki, who goes by her last name Gasca. Here you can see her grabbing tools and wrenches to set up trusses. We work in the USU in the AVIT department and we’re in the process of putting together the second chance prom dance on friday morning.

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